Fashion & Style TV Presents: Trend Pop! 

Keeping up with the latest trends is crucial for every fashionista. Fashion & Style TV has launched a new series to make it even easier to keep up with all the newest fads so that you too can be fashion-forward.

Trend Pop! is a new digital program produced by multichannel fashion media group Fashion Times Co. in partnership with Klickpicks. The production’s fashion editors Ashley Joy Parker and Gregory Dellicarpini Jr. star in 60 second clips focusing on a trend that is popular now. Featuring men’s and women’s styles, Fashion & Style TV let’s everyone know exactly what they should be wearing.

The videos even contains pop up bubbles that show the names and brands of the clothing and accessories, so that the viewer can easily find where to purchase the look. Here are the first three trends featured by Trend Pop!

Now that festival season is in full swing, the tribal trend is becoming even more popular. Celebrities like Beyonce and Jessica Szohr have fully embraced the style by including bold prints and vivid colors in their wardrobes. Trend Pop! reveals that you can achieve this awesome new style by adding patterned jackets and striking jewelry pieces.

The floral trend is perfect in the Spring and Summer. After all the snow has melted away, everyone wants to embrace the warmth with fun flowery patterns. Trend Pop! demonstrates how men can make a floral outfit more masculine with strong accessories like lace-up boots, and women can sass up the feminine pattern by adding gorgeous high heels and a large clutch.

Dressing athletic doesn’t mean bumming it in dirty sweats and sweaty hair. In this Trend Pop! video, you can see how athletic clothes can be chic when accessorized and styled correctly. Adding a leather jacket or glamorous jewelry can transform what was a gym outfit earlier in the day, into fashionable attire for any daytime occasion.

To check out more Fashion & Style TV,  take a peek at our latest interview with Lindsey McKeon.

By Leah Gay

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