Shop Stop: Firefly LA

Team Klickpicks has some exciting news! This week, we are getting ready to open our new office in Santa Monica, CA with First in Service Travel Agency and no one is more excited for this new excuse to edit videos on the beach than I am!

Slide1While traveling to and from Los Angeles, we’ve been searching for the go-to stops for our fashion fixes. We have visited tons of little boutiques that carry local brands, trying to find one that matches our fun, quirky, and modern vibe.

We have finally found it! Known for their selection of stationary, books, cute clothes, and gorgeous accessories, Firefly LA has everything you could ever want. Owned by Erinn Berkson, who decided to open the store in 1999, after finding an old list she had written titled, “Things to Do That Matter”. It read, “Play Guitar. Write short stories. Have an art show. Open a store.” Though her attempt at mastering her guitar skills is still a work in progress, she has harmoniously created a space that encompasses just about everything she treasures. Whether you are decorating your home  with “Little Journeys” Frasada blanket, adding a zoe chicco piece to your jewelry collection, or even picking up some things for your baby at their kid shop next door,  all options are here.

Here are some of our favorite summer things from Firefly LA.:

1. “Let’s Do Brunch” by Brigit Binns $24.95 – It’s no secret that New Yorkers love brunch, especially in the summer, so this book of brunch recipes is perfect for any lazy Sunday.

2. Mod Floral Thank You Card $5.75 – Sending handwritten thank you notes seems to be a dying art, but we like to keep the tradition of gratitude. Finding cute thank you notes makes the task a little more fun and can show off your personality.

3. Dogeared Karma Medium Gold Ring $59.00 – Dogeared is a rapidly growing jewelry company that features adorable and usually small pieces. Firefly LA carries a wide variety of these accessories including this beautiful circle ring.

4. Love LA Onesie $32.00 – Keep your baby trendy in this precious Love LA onesie from Firefly LA.

Firefly LA can be found at 1409 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice BeFirefly Collage PP
ach, CA or online at

By Leah Gay

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