China: Through the Looking Glass

Met Gala - Shanghai Express

In honor of tonight’s Met Gala, here’s a tribute to Josef von Sternberg’s “Shanghai Express,” which inspired Yves Saint Laurent’s eminent 1977 ‘Chinese’ collection, the theme of this year’s celebration.

Released in 1932, the movie, starring Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook, Anna May Wong and others, imparts film-noir – a style much appreciated by the Klickpicks crew. Shanghai Lily, played by Dietrich, is an infamous prostitute whose distinct intelligence is apparently more important than the civil war. Portrayed by Clive Brook, the woman’s former fiancé Captain Harvey is inconveniently enveloped in a love he lost five years ago. Overall, the film depicts eccentric personalities swimming in both romance and morality during an exciting Peking-to-Shanghai train ride.

The Met Gala, which will be presented by Anna Wintour, will uncover “China: Through the Looking Glass,” this year’s fashion exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The annual exhibition will reveal Chinese aesthetics through costumes, porcelains, paintings and films.

“The show isn’t really about China but about a fantasy of China, one that is shared between the East and the West,” said Andrew Bolton (Source: Business of Fashion), a curator at the Met’s Costume Institute, who discovered Saint Laurent’s inspiration after having a discussion with Pierre Bergé, a friend of the designer.

Although film-inspired fashion collections have long been a popular trend, we’re sure that this evening’s gala, influenced by “Shanghai Express,” will be an exceptional example of technolo-chic!

Behind The Scenes: Luca Ruca

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Happy Monday kiddos! Or should we say snow day? Yeah, it’s too cold for real life today so let’s get cozy and talk shop. Here’s a little behind the scenes action to keep you warm.

We recently shot the lookbook for Luca Ruca, a Singapore-based clothing store. It was a frigid and busy day dressed in winds that could freeze you into a popsicle, but we huddled together in layers of coats and cameras and it was a wonderful shoot. We drove all around Lower Manhattan scouting out beautiful backgrounds for our beautiful model, Lauren. It may have been as cold as a snowball out but she was such a pretty trooper and we couldn’t have asked for a better model!

Luca Ruca is a great place for all you working girls out there. They have really cute business friendly stuff that will totally brighten up your 9-5. And since they’re not totally business oriented it can be a one stop shop for work and play! Imagine having the perfect dresses for work and the perfect shirts for play all for crazy reasonable prices. We know you’re intrigued, so go take a look at .

Oh, and just a little Klickpicks style tip: definitely add a cute pair of tights and a coat to your brand new Luca Ruca outfit. Just ask Lauren, she can vouch for us.