Holding on to our Digital Crowns

The luxury industry has always been competitive, but when it comes to digital innovation the leader is clear. Burberry is spearheading the industries digital innovator.

The company understood the importance of evolution in their digital outreach early on and has held their ground as the gold standard for the competitors to match.
Klickpicks, like Burberry, understands our audience and their needs. We understand the necessary digital changes and the importance of brand adaptation.

Why is this “digital crown” so important among luxury companies? Haute couture houses and the fashion photography industry have traditionally lagged behind in terms of digital performance. However, the evolution of our market segment and digital technology has forced us to improve our online presence.

Klickpicks Content | Location: Hamptons | Book Now: klickpicks.com/cc

Like many luxury digital innovators, we took the customer digital experience and turned it into the essence of our business. Followed by our user friendly platform that guides our customers in their photoshoot booking process, or in their shopping experience, both Klickpicks and Burberry have nailed our digital business models.

Burberry February Catwalk
The desire for digital improvement is quickly closing the gap between a digital leader like Burberry and other similar competitors, forcing every luxury and fashion brand to focus on their customer reach, user experience and engagement.

The increasing competition motivates leading companies to keep up with evolving clients and industries, meanwhile we hold on to our crowns.

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