Making Herstory

Happy International Women’s Day chicks! This year, the feeling surrounding this holiday is more powerful than the last. With the marches and protests that have been happening in the months leading up to this day, it seems like its been International Women’s Year. Every month since the new year there’s been a surge of GRL PWR! being thrust into the universe.


Today is a day dedicated to being bold for a change. This slogan is quite intimidating at first glance because it demands that you be brave and make a change with unflinching confidence. This slogan accuses us (some, rightly so) to stand up for what we believe in instead of just silently being a part of the masses. Although it’s a great thing that so many of us have this feminist mindset and a craving for equality, there are also a lot of bystanders, like myself (guilty as charged), that don’t ever really take a course of action. Sometimes it’s not enough that we have an opinion on something, we need to act on these feelings to make a difference.

Here are some events you can take part in to make a difference in your own life, and the world.


  1. NYC RALLY & MARCH — WASHINGTON SQUARE – For our girls with a strong sense of sisterhood and strong sign-making skills (click here for some sign inspo). Starting at 4pm we can gather in Washington Square Park to enjoy eye-opening performances by some of the cities most influential women. We then begin to march at 5:30 so bring those walking shoes! Marches are a great way to ease your way into the movement because there’s tons of other women there that make you feel supported and understood.
  2. INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY CELEBRATION — MADISON GEMS, HAPPY ELEPHANT SPA CARE, DEL-OR CAKERY- For our fun-loving mix & mingle girls, a celebration is being held on the 8th! It offers raffles, food (yay), a Bollywood performance, and most importantly workshops and talks by guest speakers (double yay) about how to boost your confidence, self-esteem and raise awareness all at the same time. This is a great option for the gals who like a more social, calm atmosphere.
  3. INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY RUN— For all you badass athletic women out there, this ones for you. Prospect Park Track Club is hosting a run to honor women rights. We’ll meet at the Grand Army Plaza at 7 pm and go go go! This is a great option for those of you who love running. It’s a great opportunity to gain a ton of new workout buddies and get in a little cardio at the same time. Whats better than that?
  4. #BEBOLDFORACHANGE — For the girls who want to spread awareness and their love of social media, simply use this hashtag to make a statement for all of us to see! A quote, a personal anecdote, even a selfie of you at one of the previously mentioned events! The goal of this hashtag is to permeate the online world (which most of us live in) and get the word out! Everyone’s timeline will be buzzing with #beboldforachange so they have to pay attention to the cause.
  5. #SHEMEANSBUSINESS— For our she-e-o’s out there. You can use this hashtag to get your business out there and even network with like-minded she-e-o’s in the process! You can also spread the story of your success and make a personal connection to future clients. This is a perfect example of taking initiative and being your own boss, exactly what us women need to do to keep the movement..moving! This is a good way to support IWD if you’re not into (or don’t have the time for) marches and protests. It’s a perfectly easy but sufficient way to celebrate the day!

So this International Womens Day, let’s go with the slo-gan, and #beboldforachange no matter how big or small the action may be. We could all stand to be a little bit more celebratory of our achievements this past year.

Outfit from H&M. I believe the GRL PWR tee isn’t online anymore but theres a super cute pink hoodie that does the job!

By Stephanie Pace
Klickpicks On Location Stylist


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