To Pack or Not To Pack?

Of course everyone loves to go on vacation…but the packing beforehand is a complete buzz kill. Klickpicks is here to help you with advice on how to pack for any vacation.

To Pack or Not to Pack

For starters, make sure you have a suitcase that’s durable and able to hold all your traveling essentials. For really great luggage, check out Rise Gear’s Roller. This suitcase is designed with a collapsible shelving system that keeps clothes folded and organized. The Roller is also equipped with hooks so the bag can be hung in the closet with no need to ever unpack on your vacation. And for only $200, this amazing suitcase is a steal.

Now that you have the perfect suitcase picked out, your next bet is to create a packing list. By writing up a list before hand you’ll avoid the inevitable…over packing. Try grouping your clothing, shoes, and accessories into separate outfits so you know you have everything you need for each day your away. Another little trick for packing is to roll your clothing into little “burritos.” This helps avoid wrinkling and can also help you fit more items into your bag. As for toiletries, you must, must, must pack them in plastic bags to be 100% sure that nothing will spill and ruin any of your other items. Lastly, make sure that you leave some room in your bag for souvenirs. No one ever comes home empty handed…

So now lets assume you’ve purchased the Roller and packed according to your list, you’re almost ready to leave for your trip. The last thing any girl needs for traveling is a small bag that can be used everyday to hold all of your important items such as money and passports. Mochi Things makes a great travel bag that includes zippered compartments designed to hold your specific items. Mochi Things’ Walking in the Air Travel Bag comes in many different colors so we’re sure you’ll find something to match. For a little added flare, purchase a personalized monogrammed leather passport cover and luggage tag from Ciao Bambina. They’re adorable and made specifically for you!

Your all packed and ready to go, we’ll see you when you get back. Oh, and don’t forget a little something for me too!

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