Keep Calm and Carry-On

Keep Calm and Carry-On

It’s finally time to embrace your inner adventurer and jet set to your dream destination. Exploring a new place gives you a chance to explore yourself as well. The only problem in this self-exploration is that you realize you’re actually the worst when it comes to packing! You try to be economical and pack only the essentials, but somehow you find yourself packing for a small army. Luckily, there is a cure for the over packing addict.

The best way to lighten your load is to pack clothes that aren’t baggy or heavy. Dresses are the best because they are super packable and appropriate from any activity. Check out the store Love Shack Fancy, they have everything from crocheted dresses to adorable bathing suits perfect for your island getaway. In order to carry all of your “essentials” you need a fashionable carry on. Lucky for you Dagne Dover makes totes that fit anything you could want in a travel tote. There are compartments for your laptop and even your Define Bottle.

Hopefully now you have some packing tips in your back pocket, we can only hope you can avoid those horrid suitcase fees at your airport. Happy travels!

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