Technolo-chic at the Beach

Summer days mean beach days, and all the sand and salt water that go with it!  But shades and sunscreen don’t have to be the only things you have in tow amongst the sand dollars and conch shells.  Here are some great technolo-chic items that will keep you current by, well, the currents.

  1. The Clear Book Weight  

Beach breeze a little too much?  Find a clear book weight like this that keeps the pages down while you get through those books on your Summer Reading List.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to read so many there will be time to add more to your list.  I hear there’s a new Fifty Shades coming out…


  1. The Solar Cell Phone Charger 

The only thing worse than a seagull stealing your sandwich is your cell phone dying before you get to upload that beautiful beach shot to Instagram!  Don’t be a Disconnected Debby, keep that phone charged with a solar panel charger like this one by Solio.  While you’re soaking up the sun, so is this nifty gadget.  Now you can show all your girlfriends that new hottie at work without worrying about using up battery life.

  1. Waterproof Speakers  

No party is complete without the right music.  Why should a beach day be any different?  SunnyLife in Australia solved this problem for us.  Their vintage styled radio is waterproof, sand resistant, and cute to boot!  Fugoo is a U.S. based company and another great choice for speakers that can stand up to the elements.  Their sport line of speakers are waterproof and have 40 hours of battery life.  Now you have plenty of time to rock out while catching some rays.


  1. Underwater Cell Phone Case

I imagine you’re friends would be pretty jealous if you posted a pic of you waving underwater from your cell phone.  Impossible?  Not with the Aryca underwater camera case.  Just toss in your phone and head down to the water for a one-of-a-kind photoshoot.  Now that’s one profile pic that would get a lot of likes!

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