Legend Lost: Vince Camuto




We are so saddened by the passing of shoe guru Vince Camuto.  He was a legend in the fashion industry with an unparalleled style and creative vision that touched many of our hearts. He will be greatly missed.

Camuto founded the renowned shoe mecca Nine West almost forty years ago, making his company a staple in the shoe wearing industry. He expanded his business over the years and made a wonderful name for himself – eventually creating his own high end brand of shoes simply titled, Vince Camuto. While leading a highly successful career, Mr. Camuto also remained active in many charitable foundations – all the while creating timelessly beautiful shoes that will forever hold  a special place in our closets.

Any death is a shock to the system, but Klickpicks likes to stay positive. In his honor, the KP team will be sporting our favorite Vince Camuto pair  tomorrow as homage to the fashion genius.

.  Rest easy, Mr. Camuto. Every step we take reminds us how lucky we were to have you here.

~keep strutting~

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