#WCW: Christine Julianna, “NastyGal Muse”


The best friend. It’s not a myth, it’s not overrated, it’s not something you can create out of nothing. Your best friend just happens. Do you remember the day you met your best friend? Was the weather happy and sunshiny? Were you wearing a blue shirt? Had you just eaten a peach? Exactly. You have no idea. I have no idea what the sun was doing, what color shirt I was wearing or which fruit I had last consumed the day I met Christine. Neither of us can remember anything about how we became BFF’s. All we know is we’re really cool and we spend a lot of time together. Oh and I also know that I have a crush on her wardrobe. I have for years and I’m finally coming out and saying it. *blushes*

Just as it was hard to pinpoint the day I met her, I couldn’t for the life of me pigeonhole her “style”. It’s almost like I know her so well that I’m just completely used to her fashion. It’s like it’s my own. Which isn’t too far from the truth. As total besties, much like many other besties of the world, we share many fashion tendencies. One vast difference is that Christine always knows what’s happening when it comes to trends. I mean she doesn’t follow them mindlessly and annoyingly, but she just always has this little touch of trend that puts her a little ahead of the rest. The rest being…me.  She has this way of being super put together and fashionable yet also emanating this blasé feel. It’s so casual and still looks so good. It’s safe to say she keeps our friendship classy.

This witchy get up embodies my best bud incredibly well. Here, I’ll break it down for ya. The kitty cat t shirt says she’s still a dark and angsty teenager while the witchy length ivory skirt adds that classic Christine fanciness (it also looks killer when it blows in the brisk autumn air). And that hat? Psssh. The hat is my favorite part. And when it’s matched with those dark berry colored lips I really feel like I’m straight chillin’ with my best friend in our suburban little town talking about boys (they’re so stupid) . So there you go. There’s my twitchy witchy girl. Enjoy the pictures I took of her on my rooftop. We laughed the whole time.

~happy crushing~ 

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.38.44 PM

By Victoria Kennon

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  1. Oddly, I do remember the day I met my best friend. It was 44 years ago. I still remember.

    1. Klickpicks says:

      Oh please do tell!

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