#WCW: Alexa Chung, “Glam Goddess”


It’s cold and wet and sad outside. The cure for the early winter blues? Clothes. Duh. This week my crush was so big I had no other choice but to ogle the entire wardrobe of style superstar Alexa Chung. I know you all agree. If you don’t take a timeout in the rain. And then come back inside, sip some hot cocoa from your Anthropologie mug and we can resume our obsession with the girl we all wish we were.

Alexa doesn’t just wear clothes, she makes clothes talk. Everything she wears says a little about her. At first glance she’s a total glammed up celeb, working peter pan collars and handbags that rest in the crook of her elbow. But then…you start to see this other side of her. This other flannel and denim shorts clad girl. There’s this charming boyish side to her that’s hard to ignore. Her frequent loose fitted t and converse sneakers show off that little tomboy inside her. The fact that she has admitted to being jealous of skateboarding chicks makes me glow with a girl crush. *I* wish I could skateboard too, Alexa! Guys, I just really want to be friends with her. If she happens to give me her hand-me-downs it’s like an added bonus.

“Looking effortless takes a lot of effort”. You love her even more now too, right? This short but sweet quote from Alexa’s book It is one of the most honest things I’ve heard in a while. We all know it. We spend so much time making our buns messy and our eyeliner a wee bit smudged so that it all matches our sweatpants. Alexa makes sure we know we are not alone. Her inner tomboy is just so comforting. And oh so glamorous. Even when she’s chilling in her boyfriend’s t shirt she throws on a classic plaid skirt and a pair of stilettos and all of a sudden that tomboy is the most stylized girl at the party. She’s the coolest chick out there in my book. And she totally made you forget about this wintry wednesday, right? Shh. Don’t look out the window. Look at Alexa.

~happy glam day~

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 2.58.46 PM

By Victoria Kennon

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