#WCW: Alessandra Canario, “Vintage Vixen”


So it’s Wednesday but I totally have more than a crush. This week I’m falling in love with the stunning wardrobe of a stunning girl named Alessandra. She might just be a bright eyed college freshman with papers to write and exams to cram for, but her fashion is more like that of an impossibly famed celebrity. And guys, she’s a model. Yeah. A real life model. Her portfolio bustles with everything from 50’s circle skirts, 60’s party dresses, to 70’s jumpsuits. I know. I want her autograph, too. If you feel like doing nothing but look at clothes you wish you had for the next hour, take a look at allybird0913 on Instagram. You will never regret it. Warm up your liking thumb.

Since this little birdie’s wardrobe ranges from 1950’s schoolgirl to 1970’s hippie, you can imagine how hard it was to choose my favourite  get-up of hers. The chosen one is definitely throwing out that smart yet super fashionable vibe. It’s kind of like she’s saying “yeah, I get A’s and I also look magical while doing it” in this adorable outfit. Everything she’s wearing is vintage, cause as we’ve established, Alessandra is cool like that. The polka dot tie-top was a gem found at Laura’s Vintage and the fine and divine circle skirt is from Another Man’s Treasure. Her dark lips and even darker mane modernize all of the old-school feels going around.  Have fun drooling over all the vintage, it’ll make this cold weather a little classier.


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 4.55.03 PM

~happy crushing~

Photography by Remi Riordan

Written by Victoria Kennon

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