Friday Favorite: Darling NYC


Ever dream of living life like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Spending days attending the opera with Prince Charming, taking luxurious bubble baths while listening to Prince, and most importantly, shop at gorgeous stores on Rodeo Drive? As a girl who considers this film to be a chick flick classic, it’s obviously a favorite of mine. As I was cleaning my room watching the scene where she gets the princess treatment and an entire wardrobe revamp, it suddenly dawned on me, why can’t shopping be like that luxurious? And where is my Richard Gere?

 Well we may not have a Prince Charming for you, but we do have the ultimate shopping boutique for you to check out. Darling NYC offers “stylistas” a unique one of a kind shopping experience. The staff not only offers great fashion tips, but they are also patient and friendly, making you feel right at home.

What woman can say no to a shopping party? Enjoy the perks of Wi-Fi, espresso, and even cocktails while having a nice chat with your girlfriends. Picture it: you’re enjoying a nice cup of chai tea in a serene ambiance while buying that show-stopping birthday dress for tonight. Now that’s my kind of Zen.

Like most fashion enthusiasts, we love the idea of being pampered while doing what we love – shopping! The West Village’s hidden gem Darling has this and much more to offer. Set in 1 Horatio St, New York, NY 10014, Darling has been nominated multiple times as one the best places to shop in NYC, embodying an ultimate sense of sophistication with a touch of vintage charm. This chic and quaint shop is a treasure in itself.

Whether you’re seeking to grab a flirty new dress for that hot date, or a sophisticated top for lunch, Darling truly has something for everyone. This two-story adventure is filled with designer labels, while also including an inventory of local brands that will complete any unrounded closet. You will find plenty of versatile dresses, vintage shoes, jackets, and tons of hand picked jewelry (cue Julia hand bit with the ruby necklace). #classic

Be sure to check out the downstairs when you visit, which is full of high quality, distinct dresses for every occasion. Of course I couldn’t help but fall in love with all of their formal gowns and timeless pieces.

Refresh your wardrobe today by going over to Darling and let us know what pieces you grab! And as Kit DeLuca would say, Work it baby. Own it.

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