#WCW: Fiona Kennon, “Happy Wanderer”

DSC_0966 (2)

This is my sister Fiona. Fiona defies the logic of “personal style”. What is her style? No one knows. Fiona doesn’t know. If Fiona had a personal stylist they wouldn’t even know. She likes what she likes and that’s the end of the story. And trust me it works like crazy. I have known Fiona her entire life and she does one thing more consistently than breathing – she shocks everyone. She is one of the least predictable humans I have ever known. When I think she’s gonna zig she zags. When I think she’s gonna zag she zags just to completely throw me off. She does this with clothes all the time. She’ll hold up something that’s totally offbeat, something I NEVER would have seen her in, and she’ll love it and wear it like a star. Shopping with her does wonders for your wardrobe might I add. I see myself buying things that are out of my comfort zone but end up being some of my favorite pieces. There’s nothing better than a closet full of clothes that feel like someone else’s. It’s the best kind of wonderland.

   I knew Fiona was my #WardrobeCrushWednesday when I saw her flawlessly simple garb of the day. That’s one of the reasons her style is so impenetrable – whatever she wears somehow screams her name. Every little accent of this outfit dripped Fiona all over the place. The first thing you notice is the perfect-for-fall oversized sweater. The gray colors make you feel at home, and her Rapunzel length hair sprawled on top of it is just so satisfying. After you get through her mountains of hair you see her vintage-esque necklaces, which go so well with her timeless watch. All of her gold-toned accessories complement her baggy sweater in all the right ways. Peeking through is her simple black cami, the subtle yet beautiful lace detail on top taking everything to a whole new level. Her skinny black jeans are as classic as coke with a modern twist of a high waist. Her adorable round sunnies are the whipped cream topping and those ankle booties are the cherry on the bottom. Everything just melts together seamlessly.




So, there’s a little snippet of Fiona’s wardrobe. I’m sure you’re all crushing by now. Today may have been simple, but who knows what will pop up tomorrow. There’s always a calm before a storm. I’ll be sure to let the world know if she slips into her old crocs(I won’t let her, promise). Have a crush filled Wednesday, kids!

By Victoria Kennon

One Comment Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    But Fiona looks so unhappy, ha! This is great though, you’re a star!

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