Charge on the go in style with emPOWERED bags.


Have you ever found yourself “ruining” your outfit all because you needed to bring out a bag that can hold your phone charger? Of course the only reason you need to have your phone handy is because you’re waiting to hear from your client in a different time zone. As unfortunate as that is, now you have no choice but to suck up the courage to ask the bartender to charge your phone. Your days of being “that girl” are over, thanks to the creator of emPOWERED Bag, Loni Edwards.

Sacrifices for fashion shouldn’t have to be made to achieve that ‘ideal look’ and now they no longer have to be. Designed for the modern woman, emPOWERED provides leather goods that seamlessly charge your phone and other portable devices – how super Technolo-Chic is this!?

Headquartered in NYC, emPOWERED Bag is constantly inspired by our fast-paced lives. Essentially, Ms. Edwards is providing us with ‘the ultimate fusion between fashion and technology.’ The charging source is seamlessly built into the bag’s lining to not take up space. The bag provides a charging cable and optional Apple adapters to accommodate all your charging needs.

How it works: simply charge the bag by turning the charging cable around and plugging the USB end into your computer or wall adapter.

Who wouldn’t want to charge on the go in style?

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