First in Service Wonderwall: Gramercy Park Hotel

GPH Blog Post Collage-01

The Klickpicks team showed up to the Gramercy Park Hotel a few minutes early in hopes of getting a jump start on our 60 minute shooting window permitted by the powers that be, to capture the beauty of this luxury hotel – well known for its elegance and high value for their guests privacy. Fortunately for us the staff was extremely helpful, so Katherine and her army of techies quickly set up shop on the terrace.

Klickpicks was there to grab content for two different segments. First, a video exclusively for the “First in Service: Wonderwall Program” that features this lush property. Second, coverage for the Klickpicks produced “First Experiences” Travel Show hosted by Dariany Santana. We begin rolling at minute 50, and after a few minor re-writes, we were in the KP zone.

These days “The Gramercy”, as its known amongst New Yorkers, is a place where movie industry professionals and the hottest of rock royalty converge with new tech money from Palo Alto. The pressure was clearly in the air, along with the Le Labo Cade-26 custom hotel aroma. We had five cameras going at the same time and two crews working simultaneously. Dariany shook off her initial nerves by minute 40, and the script was tracking perfectly. With 25 minutes left on the clock, we began wrapping up in the penthouse – the same penthouse used in a recent episode of HBO Girls.

At minute 20 and counting, we quickly zipped through the lobby and wrapped up in the Rose Bar with 6 minutes to spare. Klickpicks kicked time in the teeth and then had a round of Grey Goose martinis with three olives for a job well done.

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