“Rate My Lips” with Softlips

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 7.03.37 PM
Not long ago, Klickpicks partnered with Softlips to help launch their new Softlips Cube! This lip balm uses lip perfecting technology which hydrates, replenishes, smoothes, protects, and adds shine. There is no more perfect way to test this product than to have hot guys kiss girls and ask for their opinions on their lips!

Nothing is more exciting than love in New York City, and this campaign brought together hot young singles who then shared passionate kisses in Union Square Park. Armed with Softlips Cubes and tons of charm, three handsome men took to the streets of Manhattan to find which of them had the best lips, and to hopefully find love in the end! After locking lips with some of the cutest ladies in NYC, these men were ranked on their smooches and one couple even ended up getting together afterwards. Take a look at the video below to see how their day went, and check out who hooked up in real life at Softlips.com!

By Leah Gay

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