Featuring: The Viceroy Hotel, Santa Monica

Recently, while on a business trip to The Golden State, the Klickpicks team was lucky enough to stay at Viceroy Santa Monica. Amidst our busy schedules, which meant running from photo shoots, to video shoots, to promo events, with barely any time to catch a breath, Viceroy Santa Monica made certain that everyone was relaxed and taken care of at the end of each day.

With splendid amenities such as a 24 hour fitness center, two outdoor plunge pools, gourmet dining at the sophisticated restaurant Cast, and signature cocktails at the chic Cameo Bar, Viceroy Santa Monica offers a luxurious experience for all of its guests.

Whilst staying at this gorgeous hotel, Klickpicks produced a promo video for the sexy and stylish resort. Showcasing the beauty of its property, as well as the stunning amenities, Klickpicks wanted to exhibit each amazing feature of Viceroy Santa Monica.

See the breathtaking Viceroy Santa Monica below!

By Leah Gay

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