Friday Favorites: VERAMEAT

Last week, we stumbled across the East Village boutique, VERAMEAT. Here at Klickpicks we love unique jewelry and breaking the classic accessory mold, and VERAMEAT offers fun and one-of-a-kind pieces. From vampire fangs, to french bulldogs, to dinosaur bones, this store offers cool quirky designs that compliment any outfit.

Conceptualized by Ukranian born Vera Balyura, the brand redefines contemporary heirlooms to add their own individual flair. Loved by celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Aubrey Plaza, and Hailey Rhode Baldwin, VERAMEAT presents an uncommon and exciting accessory experience.


1. Hand Gun necklace $98.00 // 2. Solid Skull necklace $190.00 // 3. Petal Metal ear cuff $250.00 // 4. Seahorse Yay earrings $138.00 // 5. Bone-ita ring $58.00 // 6. Duster In Bold ring $140.00

By Leah Gay

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