Fall In Love With Softlips This Summer

Looking to reveal your perfect summer romance? Here at Klickpicks it was love at first swipe when we tried the Softlips cube of 5 in 1 lip care. We adore this lip-perfecting cube that is packed with Shea Butter, Vitamins and SPF 15. It’s sure to leave your lips hydrated and yearning for more.

Not to worry, you won’t regret falling for this guy. Softlips cubes come in three must have flavors: Pomegranate Blueberry, Fresh Mint and Vanilla Bean. You can choose you’re perfect match or fall for all three. This 5 in 1 lip care hydrates, replenishes, smoothes, and protects while keeping your lips full of radiance and shine. You’ll always be ready to pucker up to that perfect kiss. Whether you’re in love, looking for love, or happen to be falling in love this summer keep your lips hydrated and protected with Softlips Cube.

Check out the newest edition of the Softlips cube summer promo series produced by Klickpicks.

Wardrobe provided by Town House Shops, jewelry provided by eff.Y.bee, and hair and make up provided by Nicole Benvenuto.

By Lauren O’Brien  

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