Lyssé Reveals Their Marais Dress

Do you love wearing chic dresses but hate hoisting yourself into a tightening girdle to slim yourself out enough to rock a frock? Lyssé has come to save the day with their new Marais dress. Incorporating their revolutionary 3S™ technology, which is already in their bottoms and tops, the brand is finally adding a dress to their amazing product line. The under layer smooths out all of the bumps and lumps, while the top layer drapes over the body to make a gorgeous silhouette. This dress features their newest technology, BackBeautiful, which smooths out the back and hides bra lines, all while staying comfortable and stylish.

In the video below, see how the dress can be perfect for any occasion with the right accessories and styling. This outfit can easily go from a day shopping in the local market, to a romantic date at your favorite restaurant with the right change of jewelry and shoes. So, take a look and discover the Marais dress by Lyssé.

Also check out a recap of Lyssé’s recent Fall collection launch party at the Niche showroom in Los Angeles, California.

By Leah Gay

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