I See Soft Lips In Your Future!

Now that summer is in full swing, keeping your lips moisturized, protected, and beautiful is extremely important. The warm weather often entails spending a lot of time in the sun, wind, and salty ocean water which can all effect your lip’s health and appearance. Softlips recently introduced their lip balm cube which uses lip perfecting technology. With 5 in 1 lip care, it couldn’t be easier to keep your lips hydrated, replenished, smoothed, protected, and full of shine.

Softlips partnered with Klickpicks to produce a 1950’s boardwalk inspired video showcasing the fun and exciting life that a Softlips girl enjoys. You won’t need a psychic to see the awesome benefits of the cube, and for only $4.00, you will quickly discover your new favorite lip balm!

Wardrobe provided by Town House Shops, jewelry provided by eff.Y.bee, and hair and make up provided by Nicole Benvenuto.

By Leah Gay

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