Summer Favorites: Frozen Treats

The sweltering heat is on it’s way, and New Yorkers know exactly what that means, frozen treats! With options on almost every corner, see which hot spots Team Klickpicks frequents regularly.


1. Soft Serve  

Mr. Softee trucks can be found all around the city and offer a delicious and quick snack. These ice cream cones make for the perfect Instagram post with their colorful sprinkles and delectable chocolate dips.

2. Ice Cream

I recently discovered Davey’s Ice Cream while wandering around my neighborhood in the East Village and now I am absolutely obsessed. Their small-batch homemade ice cream tastes fresh and delicious every time, and their staff is extremely friendly.

3. Popsicles

Ava Lounge in The Dream Hotel incorporate two of our favorite things: a fun summer treat and alcohol. These alcoholic ice pops are perfect to enjoy out on the rooftop in the summer sun.

4. Shaved Ice

People’s Pop offers delicious popsicles and shaved ices. Walking the High Line is one of our favorite summertime activities, and having a delicious shaved ice in hand makes it even better.

5. Piragua

Piragua carts are showing up on many corners in the city. The vendors are often kind and this frozen treat gives you a refreshing break in your day.

6. Healthy

As the juicing craze hits an all time high, The Butcher’s Daughter combines the delicious and nutritious effects of juicing with the frozen delight of a popsicle.

By Leah Gay

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