Take a Trip Uptown With eff.Y.bee

Although eff.Y.bee was originally started and conceptualized in a college dorm room floor by Alyssa Kuchta, their latest collection takes an adventurous turn in a much more sophisticated direction. eff.Y.bee recently launched their “Uptown Girls” Spring Collection for 2014 and it is sure to bring out the urban chic side in everyone.

With inspiration from Mad Men and Gossip Girl, this collection touches on the most glamorous and beautiful elements of living in New York City.

Klickpicks partnered with eff.Y.bee to produce a fabulous video showcasing their stunning jewelry, as well as showing a glimpse of what the “Uptown Girls” lifestyle entails: carriage rides in the park, window-shopping at the most luxurious department stores, and enjoying coffee overlooking the hustle and bustle of the city.

Filmed all around the Upper East Side, the models Amanda Hogan and Laura Chilcoat perfectly channeled the magnificent Upper East Siders Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf. With notable places like Bergdorf Goodman and Central Park experience the posh life with some of the most recognizable locations in The Big Apple. Embodying eff.Y.bee’s brand motto, “to follow your bliss, to live passionately, to dance in the direction of your dreams,” watch these fun and classy girls living out their dreams in New York City.

Check out the Spring 2014 Video and Lookbook below and shop at www.effybee.com to become your own “Uptown Girl”.

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By Leah Gay

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