Featured Client: eff.Y.bee

Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 1.01.05 PMBy Katherine O’Sullivan

Klickpicks was ecstatic to work with jewelry company eff.Y.bee on their first ever brand video. eff.y.bee, an acronym for “follow your bliss”, is a New York City based line of jewelry with a mission to inspire others to actively pursue what brings them happiness.

On a beautiful summer Saturday afternoon the Klickpicks team began filming “A Blissful Day” in and around Chelsea. We had the pleasure of having Alyssa Kuchta, owner and designer of eff.Y.bee as well as her advisor Jordan Pagonakis VP of Merchandising for Elie Tahari. The beauty of Alyssa’s vision is evident through her extraordinary jewelry pieces that I had the honor of capturing on video. Jordan lent her keen eye and fashion knowledge suggesting key elements, such as her flower headband creation in the last scene.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 4.16.40 PMI was introduced to Alyssa’s brand, eff.Y.bee by a good friend who went to University of Delaware with her. I followed the brand’s growth for quite some time before we finally had the chance to meet. There is nothing sweeter than being a fan of someone then getting the opportunity to work closely with them on a campaign.

The concept for this fall/winter 2013 campaign follows our eff.Y.bee girl, model Shannon Gentry, embarking on a day of bliss. Art mimicked reality in this short film, literally, by featuring Shannon’s original paintings. A New York City based painter and photographer, Shannon has a raw talent spinning abstract pieces that tend to tell a different story depending on your imagination and depth perception. Visit her website at www.shannongentry.com

IMG_6144I felt like a kid at a candy shop when I saw all these exquisite stones spread out ready to style the shoot. The jewelry featured in the video is from the eff.Y.bee Fall/Winter 2013 as well as their new line Bay Lavi. Bay Lavi, Creole for “Give Life”, initially started as a charity line of fabric bracelets made by Alyssa and her Mom during her senior year at the University of Delaware to fundraise for Students in Haiti. After an inspiring trip to Haiti in April 2012, Alyssa decided to grow the line into a more sustainable project that would provide opportunity, not charity.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 4.02.27 PMThe backdrop of this video is our majestic cultural mecca of New York City. Our goal was to create a story of a young aspiring painter in Chelsea seeking inspiration by falling in love.  To complete the look we had the privilege of featuring designer Yumi Kim, whose stunning pieces made our shoot come to life. The Penelope Dress and Liz Romper were just the kind of thing that every eff.Y.bee girl loves, how could you not?!

IMG_6220The combination of an acapella soulful voice over a human beat box featured in the video comes from the imaginative talent Anna Gothard of Anna/Kate a Brooklyn based folk-pop duo. This catchy original song “Age of Denial” was written by Anna five years ago and is made up of entirely human sounds. Anna was gracious enough to record a special version just for our campaign. The harmonies and vibrant feeling of the song was the perfect soundtrack to this blissful day. Watch out for Anna/Kate’s new EKP coming out next week. To stay updated like their facebook!

Have a blissful break and watch “A Blissful Day”

To purchase the jewelry featured in this video visit: www.effybee.com/shop and be sure to check out their store in Bryant Park starting Nov 1st!

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