Pooling Around

During the sweltering summer days, it’s best to stay as cool and relaxed as possible. Sun rays are best soaked up while basking in the summer haze next to a shimmering glimmering pool. Summer is the time to be free, but there are three very important rules ~ no stress, no clothes, no problems. Here are some simple tips on how to stay one of the coolest kids in the hottest season

Planning is for squares

Stay flexible and chill, no need to plan every minute of these beautiful summer days. Grab a cocktail, throw on a bikini, and sit out by the pool. Whatever happens, happens. Repeat after me, “It’s like whatever”. No Worries, Be Happy.

The coldest drinks are alcoholic

The pool isn’t as cool without a melting margarita in your hand. No matter how relaxed you already are, that extra boost of tequila just makes everything seem even better.

Clothes are unnecessary

Come one guys, it’s summer, all you need is your favorite bikini and a smile. Any other clothing will just make you hot and sassy. Let’s stay cool and classy.

Hats are worth it. Seriously.

Nothing is cute about sunburn. Just nothing. Make sure you cover that pretty little face of yours with an overly extravagant chapeau. You’ll thank me when you’re forty and melanoma free. And the bigger, the better. Big Hats = Big Fun.

~happy sunning~

By Victoria Kennon



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    Hats off to you!

  2. Christine says:

    Whoops! No!! Melanoma!

    1. Klickpicks says:

      Sunscreen is the cutest accessory of all!

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