Father’s Day Aftermath

By Jose Pinto

Let’s tip our Fedoras to President Lyndon B. Johnson for proclaiming Father’s Day an official national holiday in 1966. He also buried us deeper into the Vietnam War but that’s an entirely different conversation.

I’d say this was my best Father’s Day yet. My 10 year old son finally gets me. Thank God because if I see another palm tree Tommy Bahama silk shirt for Father’s Day, as I’m sure many of you did, it might trigger a flashback to 1969 toting a rifle the size of Lil Bow Wow, fighting off Viet Cong and Malaria on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, because this means war.

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Thankfully, this year I made it out alive. I woke up to a white linen Calvin Klein button up and two summer summer canvas belts from American Eagle on the breakfast table. In my head I immediately matched the shirt to my Tommy Hilfiger white sport jacket, I recently had tailored, and white bucks by Brooks Bros. Until next year Daddy-Os.

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