Mud Fest (Governor’s Ball Music Festival)

Written by Rosalee MacKinnon

After a Tropical Storm, horrible humidity, and unbearable heat…The Governor’s Ball of 2013 has officially come to a close.


Adorning its new name –“Mud Fest”– festival-goers were traipsing through the muddy fields of Randall’s Island, NYC. Although the weather was unbearable the first two days, Sunday prevailed with rays of sunshine and happy faces.

Rain-boots were the staple of the festival as other shoes were not so fortunate, stranded and deserted within the muddy black hole. Not only was walking around the festival crowded, it was a workout!

From flower headpieces to fringed crop-tops, festival fashionistas were found at every corner. The #KPfest paint splatter (see more about this, here) found the trendiest and daring outfits of the day! High-waisted shorts were the most common piece of clothing at the festival, whereas sandals and flats were scarce due to the muddy grounds.


All in all, I can’t complain. The music was fabulous and just like New Yorkers always do, we trudged on through (literally) to a happier tomorrow. The xx, Gary Clark Jr., Cold War Kids, Kanye West, and many others were not a disappointment in the least. Music brought large crowds together in a serenade of tunes and melody. Singing, dancing, and clapping were our ways of communicating to Gov. Ball that it did its duty.

So thank you Gov. Ball 2013, for reminding me and everyone else at the festival that despite horrendous weather, harsh walking conditions, and everything else in between, music can always bring the largest (and muddiest) crowds of people together in harmony.


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