Featured Client: Town House Shops

By Katherine O’Sullivan

We had a wonderful time working with Town House Shops on their first brand video. On September 30th, a sunny fall day the Klickpicks team set out to the West Village with model Micheala Murtagh to paint the picture of a day in the life of a Town House Shops’ target consumer. “Imagine a place where you can shop comfortably for the latest fashion trends or timeless accessories…with friendly and helpful customer service, never pushy…all at a reasonable price!” -Town House ShopsThe theme of the video was developed by Klickpicks in conjunction with Town House Shops. The title of the video is “Style That You Can Move With”. Town House Shops offers fashionable clothing that is on trend but also comfortable to run around town in. We have all been there, running errands, running late, running to get a cab and there are no available taxis in sight. What is a girl to do but keep on moving?Never knowing what surprises a new day may bring is part of every city girl’s life. So to be prepared one must put her best fashion foot forward every time she steps out of the door.  Good thing Micheala had her Town House Shops outfit out when she jumped into that last cab. Watch and see why…

Want a brand video like Town House Shops? Email me at Katherine@klickpicks.com

Special thanks to: Town House Shops (Lutchi, Jackie & Lexi), Michaele Murtgh, Surreel Dreams (Christian & Alex Pinto), Amy Ferguson and new comer Ava Branch!

You can visit Town House Shops at the following locations:
504 Laguardia Place, New York, NY
620 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ

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