Cinco de Mayo

By Anika Walker

Cincooo de Mayooo, don’t we all love that holiday! You get to eat great Mexican food, Dress up in festive outfits, and drink margaritas and tequila all day long. Well, until 1 tequila…two tequila…three tequila…FLOOR.

One thing I love about NYC is it crazy, eccentric, one-of –a-kind type of clothing that is spotted when walking around the city on a regular day.  That’s why when there’s a special holiday that needs to be celebrated, New-Yorkers dress to the nines. When it comes to celebrating a holiday, they go hard or go home. How should someone dress for their beloved holiday you may ask? Well first things first, it’s best to not end up like the girl who had one to many shots.  Yes, your outfit may be on trend and the envy of the bar, but all that goes to waste when your falling all over the floor and having underwear and bra straps hanging out all over the placeOh No You Didn’t

If you’re the girl that knows how to handle her liquor but just can’t seem to find an outfit that illustrates stylish and festive it’s best to go with the traditional approach, and put together an outfit that reflects the colors of the holiday by dressing in Cinco de Mayo colors: hues of Red, White, and Green.  Yes, I know those particular combination of colors may be hard to m

atch but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a cute look. Since the weather is usually nice around this date in May, it’s definitely a good idea to work with spring or summer attire and add a splash of Cinco de Mayo flair. For some ideas, take a look at my suggestions below:

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  1. Johnny Walker says:

    You are really good at this girl. Can’t wait for the next blog

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