Reservoir Romance

By Rose Wiersma

On a refreshing spring morning I decided to take my cabin-fevered self on a run through Central Park.  And so it seemed did half of Manhattan. I was especially excited to debut my new work out gear, I was covered from head to toe in the latest Nike trends.  On my feet were my Nike Free Run Sneakers, which looked impeccable with my Tailwind Short-Sleeve V-neck Top.  My Nike Twisted Tempo Shorts were the perfect finale to my ensemble.






Turns out a good portion of young twenty something’s were feeling equally eager to get sweaty wearing something tight and neon.  You know, really ” look at me” gear.  (Yes, yes I’m vain. Model! Duh!) Except, people WEREN’T looking!  Everyone was just as self absorbed in their own fresh sneakers, bright hued sweatbands and training-curated iPod jams as I was to even bother to notice each other! To be fair there is a moment of kinship when your outfit lumps you in with the masses around you.  Then I began to think about how much you can tell about a person by their clothes.  Like that moment in Forest Gump when he talks about how much you can tell about a person from there shoes.

While this is on my mind I realize I am step-in-step with a male counter part.  Dashing.  Athletic.  He is fully decked out in Under Armour, with a UA Tech Top that hugged his slimming but toned figure, complimenting his UA Show Microfiber Shorts. I knew he really meant business when I saw the PureCadence Brooks Sneakers on his feet.  The fit is streamline but flexible.  This aesthetic combined with the athleticism is too cute.




We run beside each other for a minute or two. Subtle glances, but no eye contact yet.  Then it happens.  We look towards each other at the same time, just as I realize how gaped mouthed and sweaty I am which couldn’t possibly be thought of as cute.  Suspicions confirmed.  After a look at my red faced huffing and puffing-self his coy smile turns to disappointment.  He looks away and picks up his pace, sprinting ahead and I quickly lose sight of him within the moving army of vibrant athletic gear in front of me.

It is quite clear to me, the clothes worked wonders!  Now if only I had had my game face on…

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