Test Dummy

By Anika Walker

We all know that it’s that time of the semester… Final Time. Shoot Me!  The long nights, and endless hours at the library, followed by the trips to the neighborhood bar for a study break.  We can all admit that things get a little crazy this week, but the wildest things that are seen throughout these rough two weeks are the crazy combinations of clothing that are put together.  Yes I know we live in NYC and some fashion may be “different” or be “eccentric” but then there’s just BAD and there’s no excuse for that.

Walking from my math final, which by the way not only gave me a migraine, but also led me to have some not-so-nice thoughts about my Professor, the creature was spotted. Now when I say creature I’m talking about the hideous fabric

that was mistakenly chosen to be sewn together and sold as an item of clothing.  What did this look like you ask? First lets start with the top… the patterns are all wrong. We have stripes of different colors going in different directions along with a kaleidoscope pattern of colors in the center of the shirt.  For the choice of bottoms we have light colored jeans that are an attempt to be skinny legged but just don’t quite do the job and as the ending to the outfit we have another pattern clash with the cheetah printed shoes.

Oh know you didn’t!

To successfully learn how to match different prints check out the video below.

Now I try to not be the one to judge because beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but…this is a special case.  There are many alternatives to dressing up during finals week that can help you to be comfortable but cute at the same time.  I would try some pastel colors because the springy weather is definitely approaching. If you’re always used to wearing jeans, switch it up, be comfortable with leggings and a nice pastel shirt or dress, with a nice pair of flats.  You can also be comfortable, cute and flirty with a loose fitting sundress and flats or wedges to choose from. If your really pushing wearing your sweatpants than that’s fine, just make it come together with a form fitting shirt, cute jacket, and a pair of nice sandals. Just because you feel like crap doesn’t mean you have to dress like it!  These are the things on my mind:

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Thanks so much 4 the info! I love your blog and I am experiencing Finals-Week-itis, too. I need Dunkin’ Donuts to combat the anxiety! Chocolate frosted…my fave.

    1. Klickpicks says:

      You are welcome Chloe! More posts coming soon!

  2. John walker says:

    Awesome insight!!!!!! Eloqently expressed!!!!! You sound like an expert

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