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It’s time for the angels on Earth, who are here to help us look and feel beautiful, to be celebrated more often. Yes, we are talking about the people who help you keep that unibrow from surfacing and shape your eyebrows to perfection. The new best thing to happen for the on-the-go woman, or man, is Brows A Go-Go. Benefit Cosmetics’ very first service-only beauty hot spot. Brows A Go-Go is there for you when those last minute dates pop up unexpectedly or you forgot about the company holiday party and you need flawless and fast service immediately.

Getting your eyebrows done somewhere new in those emergency moments can be scary, but it shouldn’t have to be. With over 10 million eyebrows shaped by Benefit Cosmetics’ why wouldn’t you trust the professionals? The highly trained experts perfect the art of ‘Brow Mapping,’ a Benefit Cosmetics’ exclusive technique to achieving the perfect brow shape for your face. Brows A Go-Go offers waxing, tinting, and threading services. Make an appointment or drop in at any time and you’ll leave feeling flawless.

Always remember: Never take advice from someone with bad eyebrows!

P.S. I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes, my eyebrows are fleek.

Don’t know about the “eyebrows on fleek” trend? Well do yourself a favor and get your pop culture catch up with the ladies at PopSugar They’ll put you up to speed


Agyness Deyn 


~fashion fairy~


Before I get into all of the mushy gushy talk about how much I love Agyness Deyn and all of her fashion glory there’s something you need to do in order to fully crush on the same level as me. So go ahead and Google “Agyness Deyn Hope for Haiti”….Did ya do it? Good. And what did you learn from it? Yup, that even when she’s falling down all over the runway she’s still totally cute and charming and smiling. Now that we have that little background info we can start to ogle this fashion fairy.

Agyness Deyn is highly intoxicating. She has this boyish charm that makes her seem so amiable and then this hardcore ability to be so unique that she seems simultaneously unattainable. Her pixie cut hair and down to earth style is what makes me crush on her so hard. She goes from model Agyness, wearing fancy grown-up dresses and high heels, to totally cool and hip Agyness in jeans and a t shirt or a pink dress with combat boots. It’s this contrast that makes her so cool. She breaks that stigma of the “model type girl” who always wears  perfectly stylized outfits. She’s got that edge that sets her aside from the rest.

Agyness is known as somewhat of a chameleon in the fashion world. She changes her hair like you change your Britta filter. Overnight she’ll go from a bobbed beauty to a pixie princess. That’s what makes her such a fairy. Her existence is beautiful and ethereal and whimsical. Moral of the story: Agyness Deyn is my new favorite celebrity. From flannel to Dior. Just look at her!

~happy crushing~

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By Victoria Kennon


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